Research Projects / Grants

Economic & Social Development Plan for the Administered Territories
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (1970-72).

Certified Public Accountant Examinations: An Evaluation
Ministry of Justice (1974-75).

Facet Theoretical Approach to the Study of Quality of Life
Ford Foundation, through IFT (1977-79).

Mathematical Development of Partial Order Scalogram Analysis
U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (1978-81).

Organizational Quality: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Structure
U.S. National Institute of Health (1978-1980).

Life Quality and Community Development in a Neighborhood of Jerusalem
Jewish Agency urban renewal project (1978-80).

Nonmetric Models for Complex Action Systems
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (1981-83).

Patterns of Social Integration in Israel
Ford Foundation, through IFT (1984-89).

Action Systems and the Human Condition
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (1985-87).

Structural Inference as a Basis for Artificial Intelligence Evaluation
Artificial Intelligence Fund, National Council for Research and Development (1988-91)

Formalization of Inductive Reasoning
German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (1989-92).

Societal Decision-Making in a Peace Process
MacArthur Foundation (1990-92).

Organizational Evaluation of Immigrants Associations in Israel
Jewish Agency Department of Immigration and Absorption (1990-91).

Promoting Social Skills among School Children: Program Evaluation
Ministry of Education and Culture (1990-92).

The Social Integration of Immigrant Scientists from the former USSR
Ministry of Science and Technology (1992-93).

A Systemic Model for Distributive Justice
Ford Foundation, through IFT (1992-95).

The Development of National Quality Index
National Center for Quality and Excellence, Prime Minister's Office (1995-1996).

Social Justice: Conceptions and Procedures for the Just Distribution of Resources
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (1997- ).

The Civil Society: Identities, Values and Intergroup Relations in the Israel Society
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (1999-2000).

Profiles of Offenders and of Crime Scenes
Israel Ministry of Internal Security (1999-2001).

Creativity as Mental Ability: The Development of a Multidimensional Approach
Israel Science Foundation (2001- 2004).

Technological Leadership: The Definition of Cognitive Abilities and their MeasurementI
Israel Ministry of Defense (2009-).